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Ravishingly Radiant

Ravishingly radiant is ap blog by Shalaka Patil, an Engineer, An Indian Beauty Blogger & Influencer. This page brings out easy Beauty hacks,  Skin & Hair care tips, Product Reviews,  makeup & personal care for each one of you. No matter if you are a Male, Female or Transgender. Health care, Skin care has to be our priority and

 I’ll make sure you get it all here. I assure you for my reviews will be honest and not biased in any way 🙂

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And much much more updates on the latest products related to health and Beauty segment.

  • Blogger / Influencer
  • Reviewer on IKINAKI app
  • You can find her on Instagram at ravishingly__radiant

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“With almost regular info and easy descriptions, Ravishingly Radiant by Shalaka Patil is a perfect stop to stay updated for upcoming beauty and health segment products.
With the PERFECT CONTENT in short words readers and even buyers who wish to look for review first, over the product, this blogger sets her blog very well illustrated.
On closing note for review, the Ravishingly Radiant by Shalaka Patil is worth a read whenever.” 

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Ravishingly Radiant 95%
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