TNBTo AMISH_K – Want to go on MARS in 1 lac Rupees? Elon Musk might make this possible

YES ! you heard that right ..



If according to plans of Billionaire Entrepreneur – ELON MUSK, not only the Richest but Commonly Efficient people can also make a trip to the RED PLANET – MARS !

In his latest Conversation with his Followers on Twitter, this is what he said !

Most IMPORTANTLY, This STAR SHIP INTER PLANETARY vehicle will carry 100 Passengers, after a long ride to Mars and back, this Vehicle will return land land in the same position as it was at the time of TAKE _OFF !
Moreover, this spaceship will be capable of Traveling multiple times after one ride to and from earth .

Besides, He also added that, this verdict of him may surely sound abnormal or implausible, but the plans he is heading to, are surely on paper calculated and the Flights to SOLAR SYSTEM may take off in MID 2020’s

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Therefore, THE NEXT BIG THING online, finds the business man a perfect blend of Innovative mind and technical thinking ability.

Never the less, this idea of putting normal people to the SPACE SHIP and even bringing back them as a 10 km return journey, is surely a big task and Element of risk. But that is what has made that Entrepreneur – ELON MUSK a successful risk taker and achiever.

We wish the best for such sort of INNOVATIONS and hope endless successful journeys from EARTH to anywhere in SOLAR SYSTEM and back !!!

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